Polkadot can solve five big problems of the Blockchain

Blockchains have problems. Polkadot can solve five of them.

Existing blockchain technology doesn’t have the
capacity to run the amount of transactions necessary
to fulfill the promise of a decentralized world.

Existing blockchain governance is focused on
proof of work vs proof of stake, incorrectly
rewarding the few at the expense of the many.

Blockchain networks exist in isolation with no
communication or interoperability between them.
Bitcoin cannot communicate with Ethereum which
cannot communicate with private chains.

DApp creation is limited by the lack of integration
opportunity, which exists because there is neither
scalability nor interoperability in the ecosystem.

Because of the lack of scalability, interoperability,
and developability, end consumer use cases are
not realized. Blockchain has not yet bridged the
gap from core technology to actual applications, and at
this point, remains theoretical rather than practical.

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